Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Build Your Own RobotMotors, Sensors, Robot Bases Controllers, Robot Kits and

Robot Store (HK) -- Robot parts, sensors
We have large collection of parts for science projects and robot

constructions such as various robot platforms, sensors, gear box
kits, servos, DC motors

Sensors - RobotShop.caUse many types of sensors and increase your robot's awareness! ...
Servo Magazine, July 2007 – Then and Now: Robot Sensors. ...
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Robot Kits, Electronics, Parts, Motors, and SensorsThis is the complete Mark III Robot kit, everything you need to build a

working autonomous robot including controller board, sensors,
pre-programmed PIC, ..

Parallax SensorsSense the world around you with Parallax Sensors; from motion

detection to locating complex patterns of light, we have the devices
you might require for your most recent project., gudangnya Robot, mikrokontroler, sensor
Microcontroller IC (15) Microcontroller Kits (27) Modules (3)

Motor DC Driver (7) Optical Switch (3) Parallax Robot (3) Programmer
(2) Relay (1) Sensor (27) ...

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