Friday, April 10, 2009

Magnetic Position Sensor- Analogue Output

Magnetic Position Sensor

has 0.5 to 4.5V ratiometric, analogue output

ASM has introduced the PRAS20, a non-contact, magnetic
rotary position sensor in a 6.0mm cost effective package.
This angular position sensor yields a 0.5 to 4.5V ratiometric,
analogue output that is available either with a 360°
measurement range or with smaller ranges in 15° increments.
This wear-free design measures angular displacement with
an external permanent magnet. The circuitry for the sensor
is encapsulated in a glass-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic
which provides shock and vibration resistance ratings of
100g/11ms shock and 20g, 10Hz to 2kHz, 10 cycles vibration.
The sensor is suitable for OEM motion control and process
automation applications.

PRAS20 Datasheet

HMC1501 / HMC1512
Linear / Angular / RotaryDisplacement Sensors

High resolution, low power MR sensor capable of measuring
the angle direction of a magnetic field from a magnet with
field strength include: insensitivity to the tempco of the magnet,
less sensitivity to shock and vibration, and the ability to
withstand large variations in the gap between the sensor and
magnet. These sensors may be operated on 3 volts with
bandwidth response of 0-5 MHz. Output is typical Wheatstone

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