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Stepper Motor Reliance offers stepper motors with modifications to suit specific applications.• Available in small quantities.• Units can be housed in special enclosures eg for vacuum / laser applications.• Connectors can be fitted.• Shaft and wire modifications are available on request.• Other wiring and performance options are available on request.

Stepper MotorZebra - stepper motor p/n: 46196m , Sato STEPPER MOTOR FOR OPPOSITE HAND M8460S M8485S M8490S [rh1733600]

Motion Control>>Motion Control - SteppersOnline Device NEMA 8, 1.8°, 0.017 [N.m], 0.60 Amp, Bipolar Stepper Motor .. NEMA 11, 1.8°, 0.09[N.m], 0.67 Amp, Bipolar Stepper Motor

SureStep Bipolar Stepper Motors
Open-loop stepping systems provide for simple and accurate control of position and speed where lower power and cost are considerations. Move commands ("step" and "direction" pulse signals) from the DirectLOGIC or Koyo family of PLCs or other "indexers" and "motion controllers" are "translated" by the stepper driver into precise movements of the stepping motor shaft. The SureStep™ stepper motors are 2-phase technology with 200 full steps per revolution or 1.8° per full step.

excitronStepper Motors - Sub-Categories 28mm--NEMA11 35mm--NEMA 14 39mm--NEMA 15 Small Gear Motors Small Motors

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• Sanyo Denki 103H546-0440 Stepper Motor
• Resolution of 1.8 degrees/step
• Torque of 20.82 oz/inch
• Professional and very high precision stepper motor. An even higher precision can be achieved (0.9 degrees/step) by using "half step mode" on the Active Robots Easy-Step 3000

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